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The Owner

A Virgin Hair Company 


Paradise Extensions LLC is a Virgin Hair company, founded and created in Atlanta, GA by CEO Jazmine Lyles. With a job resume 6 pages long and counting,  Jazmine decided to follow her dreams and pursue a Cosmetology career in 2019. She quit her job and enrolled herself into a Cosmo school in Atlanta. Although she was dropped from school for attendance in 2020 due to her car that kept breaking down, she continues practicing with what she learned while in school.  In 2020, Paradise Extensions LLC owner decided it was time to build her brand and she began building her brand's website. On December 31,2021 Jazmine legalized her brand and completed her very own Virgin Hair website ( Throughout 2021she spent long days and nights working on the site, while working different jobs, as well as working side gigs and sometimes even having to walk to work and walk home late nights. But the pay off was well worth it! Thank you for shopping and I hope you enjoy shopping this brand as much as I enjoyed creating it! -❤ Paradise Extensions

Message from CEO

A special THANK YOU to everyone who has supported, invested and helped me to create this brand! You all are loved and appreciated!

-Love❤, Jazmine (12 Eleven)


CEO is wearing: (3) 36" Indian Straight + a 5x5 Lace Closure Wig

Paradise Extensions LLC


CEO is wearing:
(3) 34" Indian Wavy + a 5x5 Lace Closure

Paradise Extensions LLC

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